My 5 Favourite Non-fictions - #4

Ever Since Darwin, by Stephen Jay Gould.

The author, a Harvard palaeontologist who died about a decade ago, was the premier scholar in his field for the twentieth century. He was also the leading Darwin scholar, as the title of this essay collection suggests.

For 30 years or so Gould wrote a monthly essay in the Harvard scholarly magazine Natural History. These have been collected together into about 4 or 5 volumes. This is the first volume.

It contains essays on what he calls Darwiniana, evolutionary delights, and tackles head on the misuse of science - mainly by psychologists - to create a fallacy of white Anglo racial superiority.

A brilliant man and a wonderful book.
61-65, M
1 Response Sep 17, 2012

Im in a biological anthro class right now and my professor referred to this set of essays actually!! do you know how to access them online, or how to buy them as a set perhaps?

I have no idea how to access them online. My copy is a 1977 Penguin Paperback.