Wow when i was small then i love to read books and even now im matured enough i learn alot of things because i read alot of things and i enjoy it as well as imagining that i see it and feel it what to be there and what is there to see just like its real that you can easily grab them while you read it.
Of course i also read those who are usually read when were just kids and i enjoy and even remember those things and sometimes i can summarize the stories that i read long time ago just like im a kid again.
As i grow up i enjoy reading adult stories ranging from
comedy,suspense,action,thriller,romance and scifi,currents events too,it really creates alot of knowledge that makes me aware what is going on around the world and that makes me well informed what is happening inside and outside the country by reading all this stuff and it span my knowledge vocabulary,informative things that later i can also use when im in the work and disccussion with colleagues and to my family and friends and its good to know and be a part of what is really happening and going on in this world we live in.
tawam tawam
36-40, M
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

I believe reading also expands your creativity. You still have to imagine the characters and scenes. With TV and film, you no longer need to imagine the stories anymore, you can see them. And as much as I like certain movies, it feels like cheating. Using your imagination is part of what makes reading fun. That, and I always find that the characters I imagine way more attractive than the actors depicting them.