I Love Books

People say I read all the time, and I do.
They think it is because I'm a nerd, and that may be part of the reason, I don't know.
But the main reason I read so much Is because when I do, I am no longer in my plain boring life. I am watching a Quidditch match, or watching as a dragon flies in the sky.
I am a bystander, watching all the amazing things that I wish were real. And in a way they are. Because every time I reread a book, I go back. And even though I know what happens, it is just as spectacular.
I find words on a page more interesting than my own life, often.
Books let me escape, even though the adventures must end.
Thanks for reading.
HermioneGranger23 HermioneGranger23
13-15, F
2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

I really like fantasy series such as Harry Potter, Eragon, and Pendragon. If I Stay is really good to. Did you read Where She Went (the sequel)? :)

Sounds interesting, what kind of books you like to read? My favorite book i read months ago is If i stay :3