"dyed In The Wool" Bibliophile

I love books, all kinds of books, (well nearly all kinds of books). Textbooks, literature, technical manuals, novels, reference books, poetry, travel books, the list goes on. Needless to say I have a library, a room in the house devoted to books, and boxes upon boxes in the loft waiting for the house extension that will allow me to expand my library, if (IF getting bigger as time goes on!) it ever happens. From tatty books that contain priceless information to beautifully bound volumes that are a joy to handle I Iove books, real books, not electronic or digitised books.
I foresaw the advent of the electronic `book` many years ago, when I was at university in fact, and thought of it then as a great advance, the ability to have access to thousands, even millions of books (or rather the content thereof) in one little electronic gadget, and yes it is, but....
A kindle, great advance though it may be is no substitute for actually turning the pages of a book!
Am I a bonkers stick-in-the-mud nerd? probably, but at 63 I don`t care, besides, I do have several (more likely several hundred!) digitised books on my computer, mostly text books or technical manuals I`ll admit, but reading them is a chore rather than a pleasure.
End of rant for now, possibly/probably more later.
ilcox ilcox
61-65, M
Nov 29, 2012