An Inspiring Author Can Change Lives

We all love to read books but do we realize Authors can change lives? as i think about how Authors can change lives. I have an inspiring Author and he did not just change my life but help me see life through his books.

This Inspiring Author is Nickolas Spark his many books really capture life and how we all live . Nick writes so beautiful he makes me a part of his books and captures me.

When I read his books I Completely get lost into his books and forget about everything happens around me. his books is like chapters of life relationships, Love, Military service and life changing events. how can one person write about all this?

Nickolas Sparks is using his gift to the world and he will change many lives like he changed my life and now i have read all of his books including his newest book " The Best of me" his books is so addicting almost like drugs but way better for me.

starlight88 starlight88
22-25, F
Dec 2, 2012