I Love Books...

Entering books is like entering another world or realm... And looking at it through someone else's eyes... You can learn all kinds of things from books... Books are like people, they are like traveling... Better than watching any move is watching the images unfold in your own minds eye, vivid perfection... A well told story is a total art... I used to be in awe of writers... I used to hate writing for myself as a kid, it was something our mom made us do every day, write a chapter of the bible, naturally we chose the shortest ones. At least I did. I never imagined that I'd ever spend so much time writing like I do now, it's like I live to write, it's my addiction now... I aim to someday write something to be published in a book. I haven't yet discovered what... In the meantime I continue to write about my life and anything that passes through my head... Senseless nonsense it's been for a few years now. I had half a mind to send them away to be published as subject matter for ---- (I can't spell anything) but they are a bit much...

I read a book the other day "bakers towers" it was unlike any other book I had ever read, it was like a soap opera now that I think of it... As far as stories go it didn't run on a - timeline... It went from one persons point of view in one set of time to another section of another persons view at another time before or after the other stated part of the story. It was an idea I had never thought to consider before. And I thought to myself "I can write this way" because I can never stick to one subject for long and it's too much work to gather all information and set it in order, if you can even remember what order all the things have happened in...

Maybe one day I shall write my own book. I do it for the pure love of writing, the hopes for giving people useful and entertaining knowledge and maybe if it's good enough; to make a nice sum of $$$ in order to have a modest beach house in some - area for my grandchild to visit me there... Nothing could make me happier. Oh yes, and I shall have a pool (I love to swim).

So thanks for reading my story and sorry if it's off subject (about writing instead of books themselves)

and if you are wondering about the "-" marks.... I'll tell you latter. When I look up how to spell :)

thanks :)

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Dec 10, 2012