When I Moved Last Year...

One of my friends, who was helping me move in the middle of a snowstorm, after about 20 boxes of books, she asked if that was it.
That was about half of it.
She was kind of grouching about it...saying, "Haven't you ever ******* heard of a Kindle?"
I do want one, yes.
But, I will never give up my books and in fact, have a "to buy" list.
On Facebook, the other day, my Sister was laughing at me. I have multiple pictures of dream bookshelves.
I swear, I saw this website called bookshelfporn.com.
I need a moment....:)
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lmaoooo thats hilarious, i thought my book obsession was bad

One of my favorite things to do is visit various libraries

My residence is 45 miles from my home. I've visited nearly a dozen libraries between home and work

I always rack up so many late fees...I tend to check out as many books as I can carry....I read quickly but I usually procrastinate bringing them back...ugh.

I think i prefer to purchase them. My favorite possessions :)
I am book shopping today!!!! :)
Happy dance :))))

Yes, no ebook is a substitute for the real thing.

I need the feel of them, the paper....to see them on the bookshelf.

Yes, I love the weight of a good, long book. And to be surrounded by full shelves, knowing I read everything on them.

Be still my heart.

But still.... bookshelfporn.com?!?! And I just thought I was kinky.

Beautiful carved walnut antique shelves, wood and wrought iron book ladder thing. Ohhhh, yes :)


God, I love it when a woman talks about wood and wrought iron. *shivers*

I'm imaging descending the stairs in a slim fitting pencil skirt, hair in a pile of course, a lovely pen tucked, holding the knot...my librarianish glasses...lovely guilded, beautifully bound books. Fireplace gently crackling....
Yes. Yes. I want it.

I'm going to need to sit down. Feeling a bit dizzy.

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