So, I have never really paid attention to how much I have read, I simply enjoy the books, keep them, and re-read them when I remember how fantastic they are. However, I have just been asked what is my favourite book. I have been reading regularly throughout my life since about nine. So, you can guess how hard this was.
As it is, I have a top ten, at the least, which I am still umming and ahhing over after half an hour and thorough list-making.
So, I'd like to know, do any of you have a favourite book? Can you narrow it down? Are you as indecisive as I am due to so much imagination and amazement?
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3 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Didn't think I'd cause you this much trouble ;P

Hey, even a maths equation would have been better, at least I could google that ;P

Gah questions like this will always stump me. I've been reading since I was little, so I'm always torn over whether or not I enjoy the childhood classics the best (for their nostalgic value) or some of the literary classics for their stories and characters... Great question. Hmm... For now since I've been rereading a lot of books from my high school days, I'd have to go with Of Mice and Men for right now.

You've done well to pick a favourite! I'm still stumed after a week to think about it! haha

If I honestly had to pick really I can't choose. I have too many favorites as I have too been reading regularly since age nine. I'm always finding new books to read. I don't think I'll ever decide.

Agreed! Read on! hehe