My Girlfriend And I Had A Neighborhood Library When We Were 12 Years Old.

I have always loved to read and when I was in grade school my school had a program in which you could purchase paper back novels, and other kinds of books as well, fairly inexpensively so my mother and my best friends mother gave us an allowance to to buy a lot of books, I am sure they thought it was a healthy activity for us to do and it was. After we were done reading them we just put them on our bookshelves and then after we had accumulated quite a few books, being that we were busy outgoing children always looking for something to keep our "little minds" occupied, we had the brilliant idea to set up a library in my girlfriend's father's shop. We made a list of all of our books, we had quite a lot of them between the two of us and we also used our parents books as well, and we made a library card for each book and took an index card box with blank cards in it and went door to door in our neighborhood and asked the neighbors if they wanted to join our library. It was a very long time ago so I don't remember the exact fee we charged to become a member of our library but we did charge one, the amount of ten cents comes to mind but I won't swear by that amount but I do remember we had late return book fees of 3 cents. I am sure most of the neighbors probably joined our library because they thought it was cute but we did have quite a few of them with their names on the index cards we had in the file box that came into our little library and "checked" out books from us. This was one of many projects my girlfriend and I did to make very small amounts of money - not that we thought it was a small amount of money at the time. We also put on a play for the neighbors to which we sold tickets to and sold snacks at beverages at intermission - I still have a copy of the three page play that we put on. We also talked our parents into letting us take the extra vegetables from their gardens and we put them on a wagon once a week and sold them to the neighbors for big bucks, like a dime for a bag of carrots, until we ran out of the vegetables that our parents allowed us to sell out of their gardens. What silly little girls we were. I do have very fond memories of our little neighborhood library, I even found one of my books from it when I was cleaning out old stuff in the house and it still had the "library check out card" in it!
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I've always wanted to open a library, since I was a kid. What fun!!

Haha, that's a great idea! I remember in first grade, me and my neighbor friend sold "rainbow rocks" on the corner of our street by the stop sign. It was just gravel from our driveways that looked iridescent. It was 10 cents too, for a handful.

These are the great memories from childhood aren't they?

Make for fun stories, for sure. (: