Fallen ♥ -best Series-

The book i will talk and scream about is the book Fallen by Lauren Kate. Now im not saying it's my number 1 book but it is in my top 5. OMG. This book is so freaking amazing. I remembered i went in to Walmart and went to the book section. I was looking for a book and finally saw this book that is black. The front is a girl with a long black dress standing with her head in her hands and she had beautiful long black hair. The front read "Fallen". I was like oooh! Haha. The back said " What if the one you were meant to be with, could never be yours?" This instantly pullled me in. That one sentence in the back and the picture brought me to buy it quickly. The book is romance, mystery and some action. But mostly romance. But the book makes you think alot of what this girl means to this dude she meets.

I will sum this book up. Lucinda Price (Luce) gets sent to this reform school by her parents called Sword and Cross. Why did they sent her here? They think she is crazy because she claims that black shadows killed her friend and follows her around everywhere she goes. So she got sent to the school. She met some friends along the way but when she met the famous and handsome Daniel Grigori, she couldn't help but find him strangley familiar. His expression when he saw her was shock. They "claim" to not know eachother. Luce will say to Daniel "Have we met?" And Daniel will say no. AND NOW AFTER THIS IS A SPOILER ALERT. IF YOU ARE GOING TO READ THIS BOOK OR ARE READING THIS BOOK AND YOU DONT WANT ME TO SPOIL THE WHLE THING FOR YOU, THEN GO AND COME BACK. (; Okay! So then she finds that Daniel is an angel. A fallen angel and him and her has been cursed. A long time ago, angels are not supposed to fall in love with humans. And well.. Daniel did that. He got banned from heaven and Luce got cursed. Every 17 years they see eachother in a different lifetime like 1620's 1640's...1920's. All that and when Daniel kisses her or something, she dies in front of him and the cycle begins again. And she does not remmeber him or anything else or the past when the curse starts again. But this time. Daniel kisses her and nothing happens to her. So the rest of the series they are trying to figure out what happened to the curse. And also, there is Cam who is attracted to Luce and a fallen angel. GREAT BOOK! Its a must read. ♥♥ If you love romance books and mystery books, youu'll love this book. Its so good!! :D I love Daniel tbh too! He sounds so hot. Hahaha.

I love how even though Daniel sees Luce die again and again and again and again, he still loves her and will do anything for her. There love is literally eternal and no one can break it. :D

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Jan 8, 2013