Tell Me A Story

I used to feel like that books were telling me lies
I mean did Cinderella really get the Prince
In the perfect world yes
in the real world No
She was beautiful but she did not get the treatment
she deserved from the Prince
He was quick to remind her where she came from
He swore he loved her just the same
She felt his love but the respect he grants to others
she does not get the same
She must turn the other cheek
I want to ask what happens when you are left with no cheeks
She can not fully rest
Sleep broken but she must put others needs before her own
The prince can blow down worship this frog
It sure ain't beauty and she is far from smart
for possessing what he values most
She can manipulate the streets but she can't manipulate me
She is forever beneath me and if she can be me
Pardon me
I will not stand in your way
I will not shed another tear you and that flunky can be
trust me she could and never would be me
Then she will see the true you not the dream you sold me
You can't keep it long I know
natalie343 natalie343
31-35, F
1 Response Jan 11, 2013

wow this is really good