Christmas Quiz - Solutions

Well, it's nearly the end of January so I guess I'd better put people out of their misery. Sadly, no one won dinner with me but one person came within a hair's breadth. Anyway, here they are:

1. The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper; a great example of contemporary teen fiction
2. I Believe In Father Christmas; iconic Christmas song, lyrics by Greg Lake
3. Christmas 1914; poem by folk poet and singer, Mike Harding
4. It's a Wonderful Life; Frank Capra directed film Starring James Stewart, Donna Reed.
5. The Book of Household Management; Mrs Beeton's weighty masterpiece - Delia, eat your heart out
6. The last Will and testament of Hugh Oldham, Bishop of Exeter, founder of many educational establishments including Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.
7. A Winter's Tale; gooey rather than iconic Christmas song by David Essex
8. Little Women; book by Louisa May Alcott
9. Cruel and Unusual; seriously scary Kay Scarpetta novel by Patricia Cornwell before she lost her way
10. Visions of Sugar Plums, A very funny 'between the numbers' book by Janet Evanovitch. if you haven't discovered the 'Numbers' books yet, you're really missing out.

Hope you all enjoyed the challenge and that just maybe you'll be inspired to read some of them.

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I'm amazed at how few people have heard of The Dark Is Rising! Stunning books. Having said that, my tenant once met Susan Cooper, was a friend of the family's or something. Which is your favourite? I still can't pick between The Grey King and The Dark Is Rising...

I would go for The Dark is Rising.

I think there is a lot of under-rated, high quality teen fiction about these days. I am a fan of Philip Pullman and Garth Nix, but I read the Twilight trilogy recently and was surprised how impressed I was with it.

My daughter recommends the Hunger Games, and there's another series that she's adamant I have to read, but I can't remember it now. I agree, though, even the dreaded Potter has its value!

Have you ever read Rosemary Sutcliffe? I think I learned most what little I know about Roman Britain from her books :)

You are the second person this week to recommend the Hunger Games. I must check it out. I love Harry Potter, actually! I haven't read Rosemary Sutcliffe but I have read a lot of Caroline Lawrence.

You will like Hunger Games. You should replace Jennifer Lawrence in the movie though!!! ☺

Hunger Games was great. The movie was good also. Jennifer Lawrence is quiet the actress in my opinion but I bet Cee would be better!!!!🔙

I really must see the film and read the books

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When is the next quiz?


I`m looking forward to that.

I am a bibliophile, although this site and it's stories has distracted me. I always ask for Amazon vouchers as gifts so I can stock up my increasing number of Kindle books.

I love my Kindle. I read a lot and it's so much easier to take on a plane than a stack of paperbacks

Thanks C. I will definitely be inspired to read some of these. I didn't do to well in the contest.

Mrs Beeton, we have her cook-book, brilliant stuff ... sorry Jamie but she's not as chili- minded as you! :-)

I ate in Jamie's restaurant at Stratford last Wednesday. Lots of atmosphere but the food was distinctly ordinary!

Not surprised, I do like many of his recipes but other friends have dined in his restaurant & told me the same as you. Have to try for myself sometime.
How was Rome? :-) xx

A few i will have to look into, Thanks for sharing..;)

My pleasure

I've read many, not all.