I'm reading all the time. Period.
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I read about an hour a day. I love history books. There is just so much fascinating information that has happened in the past.

I wish i couldget that kind of reading time. I used to . I will get back to it again. I love all the books you have mentioned so far. Odd though but EP book of the week club?......

I don't read as much now that I'm in college (ah homework is an abundance here!!) but I still try to read as much as possible. I did get my own work published in the book my college puts out every semester, though, so I feel so accomplished as a writer. I'm published!! And, EP book of the week club? Sounds fabulous!! The first one I would put on the list (that isn't one I've already mentioned here) would be Swan Song by Robert R. McCammon. One of my top 3 faves!

Thanks. I'll keep it up. :)

good for you :) , <br />
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to me it depends on the book that I read , if it wasn't that interesting from the begining I throw it away .<br />
but If was interesting I read the same as your hours 1-4 hours a day . not 4-8 hours , that is too much to me <br />
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good luck with your reading and writing :)

Anytime I get the chance. During the summer, when I'm not writing, its between 4 and 8 hours a day (unless I'm otherwise detained). During the school year (like now), its between 1 and 4 hours a day.

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how many hours do you read a day ?

So what did you think of Tuesdays with Morrie? It really made me think about the way I look at my life (I read it before my mom got cancer, so I hadn't had that insight yet). I've never heard of Harmonic Wealth. What's that one about? You are very welcome, and thank you! :)

Have Read Tuesday's with Morrie but will have to check out Born Blue. I just finished up Harmonic Wealth (LOVED LOVED LOVED it!) and am ready more (Moby is still slow going). Thanks PR (and congrats on the new puppy!).

Oh, I know what you mean. But, with me, I prefer to let my imagination run (I'm a writer myself and it sort of helps with the process). I've never read Moby ****. I have read tons of books, but never that one. I tend to do most of my reading at night, too. Of course, I'm out of my home state, house/dog-sitting for my Aunt and I've got all the time in the world to read all day. I brought five books with me, too. Three supernatural thrillers and two historical romance. I hope to have them finished before I go home (with my new puppy!). :) Anyway, you should read The Freedom Writers' Diary. It is an amazing book, VERY inspirational and it will definitely give you a new outlook on life. I also suggest Born Blue and Tuesdays With Morrey. Born Blue isn't based on any real events, but the other two are. Goodbye, and Good-reading!! :)

All kinds, but I'm bad with anything that lets my imagination run into the realm of Steven King (it's great stuff, I've just had an overactive imagination since I was a kid and, well, being freaked out freaks me out). Right now I'm re-reading Moby ****, but I'm doing it at night so it's going slow. Need to find a sunny spot to finish it off.<br />
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I'm usually reading some sort of inspirational or self-betterment book, too. The current one is Harmonic Wealth by James Ray, which is really great.

Pretty much every kind of books. I guess my favorite kind is supernatural romance (like with vampires and demons or werewolves and such). But I really enjoy horror/thriller books (like Christopher Pike or Stephen King). I also love to read true crime stories. I don't know.... I guess I just read a bit of everything. Currently, I'm reading stuff from Stephenie Meyer and Lynsay Sands. But, I recently finished reading The Stand by Stephen King, and I absolutely love it! <br />
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How about you? What kind of books do you read?

What kinds of books do you like to read?