I love books, I buy a lot of them and get a lot of them for a present. I also love the library. One day I want a big house with one room just full of books! Problem is though that I buy way more books than I read... Hopefully one day I will have read all of my books, but it seems unlikely :D

My mood changes a lot and with that my taste for books changes aswell. So how much I read changes periodically. Lately I've read a quite a bit, but I always tend to have problems finding books that'll really speak to me, that I really want to read.

I love reading psychiatric books. Autobiographies of people with mental difficulties and such, there's just not enough of them...
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2 Responses Jul 19, 2007

I've read girl, interrupted :) others I haven't heard of!!! must check them out :)

yeah I've read that :) But before I did I read Lori Schillers The quiet room which was so good that none of the books I've read after that have even compared to it!!! :)