I Adore Books!

I have hundreds of books, and always have a bunch from the library too. When I am not reading, I like to be surrounded by them. I think writing in books, mistreating books, or otherwise defacing a book is sacrilege. No book should have to endure mistreatment of any kind.

Books are a collection of knowledge that transcends time and space. Books are just exceptional.
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6 Responses Jul 24, 2007

You have to Read Dead Man Breathing. Available at Amazon, on ebook, www.billyjackmcdaniel.com, etc. A true story and one of if not the best I have ever read!!!

I love books too.

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I have hundreds of books in my home, too. Mostly fiction, but I have memoirs, biographies, and true crime stories as well. Like you, I find them comforting to look at, simply sitting on my shelves. They feel like friends, waiting to be visited. Each time I finish a book, a kind of rush comes over me, wondering which one I will pick up and start to read next. A world without books would be no world at all for me.

Have you read any Connor Fitzgerald?

I love books too, always have. My favorite book at the moment is Invisible Driving, it's great.