Any other Harry Potter, Jack Reacher, Rangers Apprentice, or Alex Cross fans, give me a question and I'll answer. I have more favorites series but more than 4 at at a times seems overkill.
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Never heard of #2 or #3. But I AM a fan of Alex Cross Series. In fact, I'm a huge fan of anything James Patterson.

Jack Reacher is a series by author Lee Child(pseudonym). He is an ex-military police drifter who keeps coming across all kinds of situations. Usually implausible, but thats what fiction is for. Rangers apprentice follows a young man name Will, an orphan, who get admitted to the Rangers Corp, an intelligence organization for fictional Araluen, which seems to be midevel Britain. Its actually a young adult book but still a good read. I also am a fan of James Patterson's other work, Dead Eyes, House understand the Lake, but my favorite is Alex Cross.

I read the Maximum RIde series to my kids. We all thought it was pretty awesome! :)

I keep meaning to read those but get distracted by a new book. It's a vicious cycle.

Come on people, I don't want hearts, not that I don't appreciate them, but I want trivia questions.