A new friend and I would like to possibly start some kind of book club on EP. We would like to be able to get many others who wish to discuss all types of genres and specific books and series. If this is something that would interest you please comment or message me. Thank you.
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!!!Any future posters, please message me so I can keep an accurate count. It can just be a hi, I'm interested in the book group. Thank you!!!

This sounds good to me as well.

Goody! This has had a better turnout already than I expected. Nice to have you. What are you in to?

I pretty much read anything. However, I am not a fan of romance novels.

That is great news. I thought that was encoded in female DNA. Glad I was wrong!

Sounds good to me also. I'm mostly a SF/Fantasy with some crime/thriller stuff, but will read almost anyting.

That's great! Glad to have you. I don't suppose you've read the Eye of the World series? If not, what kind of Sci-fi/fantasy? I love Star Trek TNG and Star wars books.

We are really on a different page - I made it thru the first threeor four of the Eye boks and just gave up. Not a big fan of Star Wars/Star Trek books either. Like Bujold, Cherryh, Faqntasy I like Butcher, Harrison, Hunter,

Well that's too bad, but I certainly don't mind suggestions for new reading material.

I read the first 9 of eye of the world

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I'm in sounds like a great idea

Hello Magicki! So what kind of books do you read?

I read anything I can get my hands on to be honest but fave author is jeffery deaver and john Saul, how bout u?

I'll read anything recommended by other diverse readers. Im afraid I haven't read JD or JS. My favorites are James Patterson, Stuart Woods, Jonathan Kellerman, Lee Child. All crime/mystery/thriller writers.

Also a lot of fantasy fiction.

If you like crime try jeffery deaver that's his main genre and john Saul is horror, I like a lot of chick lit too lol my dirty little secret lol

Like romance novels? There are very few things I won't read, you found one of them. Stupid emotions. I will keep an eye out for them next time im at a bookstore, thanks.

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I'm in

Thanks! Great to have you on board and Magicki as well!. What type of books would you like to have discussed?

Anything and everything...my reading choices are very eclectic

Good, good! We need all the diversity available. How often are you EP? Maybe we can get a schedule going.

Itry to be here some every day. Usually evenings Central time

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Sounds great idea!:)

Well if you're are interested, let others know and we may be able to get something going. I just randomly posted a message about books trying to spark conversation, and fortunately jb1663 answered and we had a wonderful conversation on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.