I am heartbroken. Just finished reading City of Heavenly Fire. I cried last night and I wouldn't stop reading until I crashed. It just affected me so much. Sometimes you find things in books that you didn't even know mattered to you. I am still sad. And still want to cry. But I'm also happy.
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I started reading the books earlier in the year and fell in love with them.

Is that a Clockwork Angel book?

No. It's a Mortal Instruments book.
How are the Clockwork books?

Never mind, thats what I meant. I think the clockwork is the prequel series to the mortal instruments books. And I havent read those. I have read up to book 4 of the mortal instruments amd enjoyed them well enough.

The fifth book is much much better than the rest. You should read it. I'm taking a pause with the Shadow world for a while and get back to some mundane books :P Then, I'll take The Infernal Devices.

What number is City of Heavenly fire?

It's the sixth. I meant the sixth btw. City of Heavenly fire is the best. Though City of Souls, the 5th, is good too.

I'll need to find those. Thanks for the reminder.

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