Th1rteen R3asons Why

Thought I'd read the book overnight, but i got sick and it took me 3 days to read it. I like the book. I won't say I love it but I kind of do somehow. I especially like the ending. It seems that at least Her reasons became his to get over himself.
Forgive me if you think I'm wrong. But no one could do anything to save that girl. She said it herself. Her mind was set. And I would have understood if the reasons were more dramatic. Everyone is the subject of rumors. No one is like Clay Jensen. No one's slate is a clean one. Even if Mr. Porter did succeed in helping her, or ran after her, she would have done it. Because she would have found something else that wasn't 'fair' to her.
Someone should just have told her that life isn't fair to anyone. And she knew it. After what happened at that party. After that road accident.
She knew the only people who could have helped her were Clay and Mr. Porter. But she did not give Clay a chance. And her mind was already set when she walked into that counselor's office.
I'm just glad that Clay did not do anything reckless afterwards.
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I remember this one! I read this about 3 years back (oh those were the days) I remember hoping that Clay had done something to be on the list- but alas

yes. I was hoping that he'd done something too. But maybe not staying in the room was his mistake. Bu then hannah had already decided, right?

Would you highly recommend this book?? I really want to read it.

YES!!! Definitely. Despite what I've written, it's actually a really good book. I kind of saw myself in some of the characters, especially the narrator. It's a good book on it's own and better as a transition book. More like a rebound book. If you're finished reading a series like The Mortal Instruments or Divergent, it will be great to get you to move on to other things. And it can change your life.

Thanks so much. I've heard about it a couple years ago and wanted to read it. Just haven't yet. I'm excited know to read it

You're welcome ;)

This was the best book i ever read!

Ever read The Perks of being a Wallflower? That's the best book I've ever read.

btw... do you agree with what I said?

Yeah i read the perks of being a wallflower , it was so awesome , sad, devastating, family and friends its perfect

And yes i do agree with what u said she has already made her decision no one can stop her, she was looking for hope, but she didnt find it, life was cruel with her

The only cruel thing that happened to her was what Justin did to her. (do you see the irony here if Selena Gomez really gets the role of Hannah?) And the second part of that party night after Clay was cruel to her. But she already made up her mind when she read the Hot/Not list. After that, she was looking for hope, yes. She probably knew that Clay liked her. You know the look in a guy's eyes when he likes you. But the only time she really approached was at that party. When she already knew that she would kill herself. She was being completely selfish. She could have changed her mind and talk to Clay afterwards. It's not like she never saw him again.
God!!! I'm so angry with her.

Hahaha yeah u r damn right , i have read it 5 yrs ago and i read it also in 3 days

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