Love The Escape....

I really love reading or listening to books.

The listening part is tricky ,not everyone can keep you engaged in a book.It's a great talent and I think not very common either.

It's my escape to a world like no other,with people and creatures that just captivates me from the start.


How can you feel bored with battles raging all around you.Very sexy heroes, who has the look of raw lust fighting for you to take notice.

Nothing like a great book,when you need to escape from it all.

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Trepii,sounds like some very interesting reading :-)

older books are a great way to relax... i love looking at old maps and books of the silk road and reading about the English Tea Company ( India) , and the explorers that the Royal Geographic Society endorsed to map the way throughout central Asia. Interesting stuff , honest. If anyone is actually reading this i recommend 'The Great Game' by Peter Hopkirk.

Thanks Ever :)

Taken...My favorite books these days must include a vampire or two hehe<br />
<br />
Just love them !! Glad you like the avatar,I'm also enjoying yours...Nice !!

Mewold 15 books a week...That's impressive.Don't know how many Tarzan books have been written bet it's a lot ....<br />
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My passion is vampires most of my books these days focus on them :D

OMG! When I was a teenager, I was very shy. My escape was books and I would read up to 15 per week. Do you know how many Tarzen books have been written? And what about John Carter of Mars?<br />
We won't even talk about Westerns. I loved Louis L'Amore. I hope I spelled it right.

Yes it makes complete sense S69 .It is convenient sometimes and the right narrotor makes a big difference.<br />
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Reading the book yourself is the best though :)

I love to read. I've never listened to an audio book before. I guess it would be cool for a roadtrip or something but it seems like a strange concept to me. It kind of like I'm grown now, I can read this for myself. Does that make sense?