Why Reading Is So Important

No one has ever seen the world exactly as it is.  Ever.

It is difficult to comprehend, but everything you have ever seen, smelt, heard or felt is merely your brains interpretation of incoming stimuli and as such, is massively open to interpretation.

Add into the mix that everyone's personal experience is heavily tinted by personal prejudice, taste and opinion, it is clear to see that no two people view or experience the world in exactly the same way.  And it is easy to become entrenched in the idea that your world view is the correct/only one.

Art (including spoken word tradition) is the only way to truly see the world from another person's viewpoint and, in my opinion, no artform can convey such a wide ranging set of ideas, views and emotions as literature.

We owe it to ourselves to read as wide a variety of ideas as possible so that we can venture out of our limited view of the world and see it as it's meant to be.  Open to interpretation.

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There are many who say they they are not a good reader, they get lost, and loose tract on what they are reading, they then hate reading and never do much of it. The reality is Books are magic; they cretate images, sights, sounds, and many waves of motions with feelings of emotions. Many times we all drift off into a dream-like state of mind and become oblivious to our surroundings, and get lost into what seems to be or feel like another world.<br />
This drifting off into seeing what can be, is how things are created to become, the art, the music, the structures, all of everything we see, feel, hear, smell, taste, is first created from thought. <br />
<br />
So remember; all who becomes successful, is the one who acts upon, to create what is seen by thought as they have drifted off.

I totally agree with what you have the say about our perceptions CaJe. As a painter, when I am involved in my art I experience and live in a different world, where time is no factor. You can show one scene with a 1000 or even 10000 painters and every image will be totally different. Also in meditation we are projected into a different reality.

Wow.... i can only imagine, with all the population of the world, just how many different perspectives there are....

wonderful post.VERY true

As a musician, I would concur with both the story and the above comment; perspective without context, i.e. other's perspectives can be narrow and fixed. But I would add that therein lies a certain "art" to living life, which I've been concentrating on lately. When I've made an effort to lose my own perspective and just live in the moment, I've gained something tangible. It's hard (at least for me), as I tend to carry the emotional baggage of the past with me wherever I go. But I perform, I read, and I live this minute, as it's all I really have.

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