Gone From Here

when i read a good book i leave my world and enter their's. i get to escape into their life for awhile. i become the character that i most relate to. as you can imagine then, when i pick up a good book i hardly ever put it down. i will hide away in i my room for hours on end just reading. and when i finish a book, even if it had a good ending, i get kind of depressed because now i have to go back to this world full time again.
i do this with movies i like too. i can watch some movies three times within a couple of days and still not be tired of them. for example the first X-Men never gets old and in that one i am Rogue. i have read Peter Pan about five times now. i reread a lot too. i love being that other person, living in that other world and at times i wish i could simply jump in and never come out.

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18-21, F
Feb 10, 2010