Can't Get Enough..

I love to read, pretty much anything will do but I love fantasy and supernatural fiction, as well as futuristic,  historic, and post apocalypse. I just love to get lost in a another world, in another life... Get out of my boring existence, and life a live that is worth living, if only for 400 pages... I love Twilight! more of my favorite books are the Hunger Games Series ( the third is coming out this summer, WOOHOO!!) the mortal instruments (prequels soon, as well as 4th!!!)  there are loads more...  I just can't get enough.

I love the feeling of finishing a new book... yet I hate it... I love it because I feel I have accomplished something yet I always feel sad because It's Over!!!

Love to read always have always will! no matter what people say about me, like nerd or loser, I don't care! what the h*ll are they accomplishing? finishing a joint, finshing a beer? I'm finishing a dam*n book! so there!!

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2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Cool. I am not familiar with those books, but I love to read (when I can tear myself away form EP :)<br />
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I am a huge fan of: Stephen King, Peter Straub, Isaac Asimov and Andrew Vachss. If I was going to recommend any of those first, I'd say Vachss...he is a prominent NYC attorney exclusively for abused kids. He is also an incredible author...his latest series he just finished is centered on his main character, Burke, an anti-hero/protagonist. This was Vachss' way of introducing the world to the underlife he knew so well from his court cases. Hard crime fiction. If not, that's cool, too :)<br /><br />
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And yeah, no one has any right to mess with you about reading. Please. They should get a life.

Are you into supense? I recommended the book "Trial of Friends" to the "I was bullied" group.<br />
<br />
Read what happens when bullying at a park goes wrong; one bully dies, the other seriously injured, and the victoms blamed.<br />
<br />
Don't let anyone bully you because you like to read; just read "Trial of Friends" and see what happens when the truth is finally told.<br />
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"Trial of Friends" can be ordered on-line at