My Very Heart And Life

when i was 4 i read books all by my self  noone taught me or showed me any books. well when i was four i was bored (i get bored esly!) and i saw a book case so i climbed on a chair and grabed a big chapter size book. i sit on the chair and read without anyone teaching me i taught my siblings how to read and one time i read the dictonary twice. i go to the libaray everyday and i volunteer there also it only took one minute for me to under stood the words

i hope to become a great writer im only 18 and my spellings bad but i dont care, i wrote stories on here called star fire,star fire part two, star fire part three, i got jacked, i got jacked part two i love to write and read. i am very smart(but not nerdy) i am artistic i love to draw and paint. i love sports and of course i love make-up but im not crazed for it.

hope u like my storys and plz comment on what u think of them

lots of love, jessica 

jamigirlbabe jamigirlbabe
18-21, F
Feb 14, 2010