''just Go With The Flow!!!!!''

               Well some time in your life someone is eventually cut you off. You will probably will be really upset! Like dont really want to to talk to anyone about how you are feeling (etc...) Well its happened to me with a guy and a Best Friend. Well i had gone out with the Trevor, the one where he was a football star, jock, super-cute, everyone wanted to date. And unfortunately i was the lucky girl he would date me  and then would dump the date and over again. I was heartbroken at first but then, my BFF Nyah told me about him and how she had gone out with him and got cut off. She told me "Just go with the flow" and so i did. Then i absolutley adored his BFF. Another football star (u get the pic.) Well i kept getting cut off because of what my "ex" was doing. I hated it. It made me feel unpretty! Which i forgot to say i was the "Pretty" in my grade and that sucked too. But here is the point of this story what ever happens happens. You will feel bad but then you  will be like; " Oh well, it doesnt matter at least i can change my future and prevent this from happening again" well there you go. As simple as that

Cheernatzi101 Cheernatzi101
13-15, F
Feb 18, 2010