that's what books are to me, mainly. 

i can be anywhere and pick up my book and escape into the pages, quickly attach myself to the characters and live through thebook. 

It does have to have a happy ending for me though otherwise I'm left feeling cheated.

Sometimes I can get through a book in a day, i get so deeply involved the world around me disappears and when I look up it takes a few minutes to blink my way back to reality.


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4 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Oh add me to the list, please! (I feel slightly betrayed after a bad ending.)

im the same and im australian and i love to read all sorts of books liketwilight im always so conected to wat is happening

Sometimes I wish I could stick myself in a book and live my life according to it's "script".

same here especially in the world around us these days to escape every now and then feels wonderful