Each Book Is A Lifetime

Hi everyone,


I just joined, and I am really intrigued by this website.  It has a very different feeling than anything else I saw until now.  Nice.


I am posting here because, well, I am an author and evidently I love books.  My Grandma used to tell me that each book we read is a lifetime we add to our own life.  I think that there is a time for reading books and a time for living one's own life - both, equally valuable and essential to our development.


Since I would not like to just shamlessly promote my book, please take a look at my profile and feel free to visit my website.  I welcome all comments and new friends :)



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Danjya Danjya
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2 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Hey,<br />
Welcome to the site, I'm new myself.<br />
I love what your grandma said about books. I've never thought about it that way but it makes alot a sense. It makes me me feel inspired :)

Yes, she was indeed. My next book - short stories - is dedicated to her memory.<br />
Thanks for commenting :)