Helen Keller

I was born with equedux stinosus, which is when the tube which drains the fluid from your brain to your stomach doesn't form properly. Then a vp shunt was inserted, this a synthetic tube.

Seven years ago, my shunt blocked severely. I died three times and i became blind, only being able to see shadows. Eventually i got my sight back, though i was left with double and blury vision and homonomous heminaopia.

Homonomous hemianopia is when the brain cells on a sight part of the brain have died. I am unable to see on the left half of both of my eyes, this is a permanent thing, and there is nothing that can make it better.

But when i read the story of Helen Keller, i felt that i could be more than just a silly half blind child. Now, though i don't really like going to crowded, unfamiliar places on my own, i am much more confident.

Helen Keller was fully blind, AND deaf, but she learned to be an amazing, totally independant woman.


paigerobinwillow paigerobinwillow
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Thank you for your inspiring message. The story of Helen Kellar is truly amazing and it's great you take such encouragements from her. <br />
I agree with MaryP5. Your sight is just a part of you, just as many other more important parts.