Rereading A Good Book

If ever there was a depressing thought , then surly this must be it. An entire liberty, meticulously built with love , enthusiasm and at times with a little hardship, forgotten , buried underneath a lifetime of meaningless existence .

Upon picking up  a book - a relic from my past- entitled "I know why the caged bird sings" by Maya Angelou ,  a smile , nourished by memories of being totally engulfed by those pages , turned into a puzzled frown when i realised that i have no idea what the book is about. I remember being complete engrossed and captivated  , yet i could not- for the life of me- recall the words that lie dormant in those pages (I'm cursed with the brain that has the mental capacity of an earthworm) . All those books, all those pages, all that effort , completely lost, what a waste.

 But-never one to succumb to depression- it accrued to me, that this book- which I'm sure moved me and affected me in someway- can be read as though it was new. I can, with fresh eyes, and with a healthy dose of anticipation and expectation read it again . How incredibly sweet and thrilling is to find yourself submerged in a new and foreign love that's  inspired by exploring and seeking change ( although fleeting and temporary) in the unknown. 

And so if ever there was a pleasing thought , then surly this must be it, to rediscover anew a lifetime of pleasurable books that inspired me to think , and question and -dare i say it- love for the simple reason of loving.
LuluVegas LuluVegas
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1 Response Mar 1, 2010

I love your attitude, I can read a book and not remember the name after I close it. Ihave had some neurological damage along with normal aging, I can remember a few books like grapes of wrath, of mice and men, to kill a mockingbird, crime and punishment, in the last month I have probably read 4 novels but can not remember the names even though when I was reading them I loved them. Anne tyler was one author, hmmm