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Reading is my drug. I've always got a book with me, but if not I'm always in the process of reading one. I love books no matter what people call me. Reading is a good way to picture yourself in another reality, one that isn't yours, especially if you have a pretty boring life. They are my way of getting away. An their a great substitute for people who are made like stones. They don't have any real emotions themselves but with a good book, it'll make them feel again! :) lol

Nikkiola Nikkiola
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 1, 2010

I agree with you :) I'm a huge reader myself (the only time I'm not reading is when I'm writing my own stories and poetry or am hanging out with some friends). Reading is my only real escape from the rest of the world and i sometimes try to get my friends to read (rarely ever works though). Sometimes, when I'm feeling down, reading is the only thing that picks my spirits up again. If you love to read, don't stop. Written words and paper is man kinds greatest invention in my eyes.