I Prefer Traditional Paper Made Book!

I love books.

Maybe it is not a actual story.  Here i just want to share my ideas about  book reading.

Yes, you know, the new development of the science tech affect  the book industry.

Nowadays, we can enjoy reading by electronical book such as mobile phone reading or any new method invented  by our human.

But  for me, i still like the paper made book. When i am sitting in the cafe, a cup of new hot coffee,  a book,  people walking on the road outside of window...

I think it is my favorite life style, yes, i love this feeling!

I  think for health of eyes consideration, paper book have advantage comparing with the electronical books.

But, if you consider  the enviroment protecting, the latter is much better!

But  aslo i think the kinds of  electronical noverls are not as much as i hoped.  This is also the reason why i prefer to choose paper book.

I remenber i had found a "green book" (the paper is green good for eyes) but cost is high.

If electronic book can be improved by that, i think i will choose this kind of book.! :P

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2 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Im intrigued by the Kindle, for when I travel, but I had said to my Mother, in the event that something goes wrong, I lose EVERYTHING! <br />
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Im with you, I prefer to have the 'actual' book in my hands. Also, since I was a kid, I wanted a room that was library ;) <br />
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On a more sentimental note, I know for a fact that you cant buy a used Kindle and find a beautiful inscription, picture, dried flowers, or anything like that, and thats why I'll never 'fully' go all technology. I dont ever wanna lose that feeling, that certain thing you get when holding a book in your hands. Never....

I agree with you! I also am an advid book reader and usually carry around a hardcover or paperback book wherever I go. Reading books on the internet is not as enjoyable to me.