What's Wrong With Reading Books?

I'm a student and I have a lot of reading materials each week. They're all long and difficult to understand. Most of my friends never read them. then they always complain about not understanding what the lecturers say. How can you understand when you don't read? If I tell them I read books, not only the text books but also novels and other books (which I did several times), they will look at me like I'm a geek or an alien.

I can't understand why they think that never reading is cool. They even try to show off the fact that they never read. I tried to make them see the benefits of reading books but no success. Don't really know how they can survive with all the final exams coming up in a few months. Then they will come to me and ask for my help. I will not help them if they don't help themselves.

befrei89 befrei89
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 8, 2010

If they won't even read the material not only should you not help them it'd be very hard to help them. It's sad because they wont go very far in school.