Ya.. I Love Reading Book

Hello All

I donno how many of you will really understand the things which im going to write.

Because you may be not aware of Tamil (One of the language in India) Books..

Let me describe the book called "Ponniyin Selvan"

Its a historical novel consits of 5 parts and written by Kal.Krishnmoorthy shortly called us "KALGI", a famous author in Tamilnadu(State in India)

This is the first historical novel which i have read...

Its been a year long, but still i remeber each and every line of the book. He is using power ful words,.. we wont feel that we are reading the book, we can see the charatcter, feel the character, to be frank i myself will imagine that im one of the character in the novel.

With the lot of twist and truth he made the novel a very intersting one..

The character like, Chola King, Kundi Devi, Arul Mozhi, Pazhuvettayar, Nandhini and Vandhya Devan, Azhvarkku adiyan, Anrithua Bhramarayar..

Oh.. Im entering into story while writing my experience here....

We can't write the experience of reading book, only we can feel it and share to who already read the book.....

Anyway Thanks for reading the whole experience..




shanthagomathi shanthagomathi
22-25, F
Mar 9, 2010