Hi Everyone!

Hello Everyone!

  just got here, really don't know what to say, but what am i doing here typing? sorry, think i'm still not in myself ... i found this site because of boredom and google the word bored! and found one here telling her own boredom too lols.  well the first group that i joined in here is obviously "I Love Books" nothing interesting holds me now except reading Books! yeah though it doesn't help community or change anything for others or whatsoever. Reading is the most i loved doing everyday! it keeps me out of reality and just forget everything! thats it! nothing more to say... if i didn't get a chance to vanished out of "boredom" id rather read books all day...

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yeah reading you have your point... but what im trying to say is that, yeah reading kinda keeps me out too from boredom but what is that all i can do with my life? nothings changing :c im sooo out of meee by the way thanks for ur comment

Reading is one of the things that keeps me out of boredom. Another one is writing...