You Would Hardly Know....


...from my profile that I think of anything but sex.  However, reading is like food and fresh air to me.  I have to do it as much as possible everyday.  It keeps me sane as well as informed, entertained & active.  Yes, active, reading pushes me along to enjoy life, take chances, delve into different areas and just plain  not be afraid.  Although I appreciate a certain amount of contemplation and meditation, when I see individuals just sitting staring into space on public transportation, waiting rooms, dining alone in restaurants or coffee shops I can't help thinking how much more fulfilling their lives would be if they developed a reading habit.  It does become a habit, one of the most important habits one can fall into.  When great writers have made statements such as "make voyages, attempt them, that's all there is", they weren't referring only to literal travel; the voyage of the mind through literature and other art forms is what truly separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom.  Enlightenment.  It is almost impossible to be enlightened without delving into the great writers of the past centuries.  Having said that, read anything and everything, read classics, but keep up with current trends.  Pop culture needs to be paid attention to also.  Not all, much is disposable, but be discriminating.  We are all a product of what went before us and the latest happenings. 

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I couldn't agree more, fukkdup. Reading is a joy, one I indulge in morning, noon and night!<br />
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