Now The Office Slave

Carole and Anne were now in complete control dumbo was little more than there boots slave Carole called dumbo here now dumbo crawled to her dumbo my boots are dirty lick them clean I think there is dog **** on the bottem Anne laughed yes big ears kick it all up ha ha ha then over her and do mine dumbo kicked Carole's boots spotlesscarole looked and said not bad boot boy go and lick Anne then she spat in his face over and over and then pushed him with her big tight fitting powerful boot dumbo crawled to Anne there was a knock at the door dumbo froze Anne said get the door wimp dumbo said I'm naked goddess Anne Carole said get the door now wimp dumbo answer the door carols daughter tammie was standing there out the way wimp and spat in dumbo face and Pushed him to the floor crawl dog boy Anne and Carole were laughing hi tammie you desk is ready have a seat Anne said boot boy before you lick my boots Chaffee now tammie said and a glass of water for me boot licker dumbo served the drinks and then started licking Anne big tight powerful boots after an hour Anne said that do boot licker go and great your new boot queen goddess tammie tammie said on your knees first wimp in fro t of meshe looked a dumbo got your ears are so big and you have the smallest pee weeiv every see she took a big mouth full of water swirled it around het mouth then spayed it in du
Bimbo face Anne and Carole burst out laughing that brilliant tammie they both went and got water and then they took turn spitting it in dumbo face tammie said last on all together after I do one two three with my fingers they did it and all fell about laughingcarole was on her way back to her desk and she could feel a fart coming god it's you luck day dumbo get here now fart boy dumbo lifted her skirt pulled her knicker down and got his face right in her massive *** tammie took her leather belt of her jacket and put in arond the back of dumbos neck ands tied it around carrol waste Anne said tammie you very good at this yes she said now he can't do anythink but sniff my mums *** and her farts Carole started farting tammie said god mum they stink Anne was coughing dumbo was trapped after an hr of farting on him she took the belt off said pull my kickers up and go and lick tammies boots yea hurry up boot boy my boots are 3 yrs old and never been cleaned there is lots of dirt and ship on them and I want the soles licked you have an hour dumbo went to work he had Carole *** sweat all over his face the boots fitted just lick Anne and carrol tammie was almost Carole double while he was licking Anne said dog boy my son Steven wants to take your girlfriend out to a party when tammie is happy with her boots ring Suzanne and tell her she will be pleased I'm sure I can't see you being able to satisfie her with you 2 inch pee wee Anne Carole ands tammie all laughed tammie was saying that nice of Steven is it not fart boy will to take Suzanne out and show beer a good time an hr later tammie was happy not bad boot lick we should rent him out to all ladies put an asd in the paper boot licker for ladies bootsthe didtyer the better 50p max a pair Anne said I will do it now Carole said what about all the horse riding stables I will ring round them great but first pee wee ring Suzanne dumbovface Anne the number Anne said I will talk to her your only get it wrong tammie said in that case my *** is sweaty come here now she pulled her nickers off spead her massive *** cheeks get you little wo
P head in my *** the she tied the belt round dumbo was trapped get licking fart boy it your dinner they all laughed tammie said mum Anne thank for the job I love it anne said its fantastic to have you here with that tam
Ie started farting very loude and long over and over open you mouth fart Blythe she let Dumbi go Anne said ok time to ring Suzanne and tell her about Steven Anne said hello Suzanne it Anne yes your boy friends boss well one of 3 bossess oh is that right is that what he's told you no it not true me and Carole and carol daughter tammie are his bosses he only good for making our. Coffee and licking our boots clean of all the mud and dog ship oh and sniffing our farts I would not call that the. boss would you any way we know he got a very small pee wee is that right you can not feel it haha what he doing now oh I have my boot wedged in his mouth and the other one rubbing his pee wee do you rember Steven hart yes you'd ovoid wellhead wants to take you out sat night to a party you would love to that's great come ri the office later around 12 Steven will be here you can talk while dumbo licks our boots great see you later Carole Asia well dumbo that's it she will want Steven all the time he will make her his haha poor pee wee

Dumboears12345 Dumboears12345
46-50, M
Sep 7, 2012