I Need To Wear Women's Boots

I am a very happily married family man in my 40s that has had a healthy obsession for women's boots for many years. I think I remember it starting with my babysitter letting me wear her knee high boots when I was around 5. It then really continued and gained momentum in teens with my first girlfriend whom I bought several pairs of long boots for. She would wear them out every where and most importantly during sex all the time. I started to buy myself the occasional pair of women's size 10 boots and wear them secretly. I have been married Now for eight years and over the last eight years have bougjt myself approximately 40 pairs of boots all knee-high or over the knee boots. My wife really does not mind and I wear them in public every day under a long pair of jeans. I live in Texas where all the men wear cowboy boots and nobody has noticed. I always buy boots with 1 1/2" heal or less and my favorite boots are Frye Shirley Over The Knee Boots. There are expensive but if you watch amazon you sometimes can get them for $250. I have 3 pairs. Black leather brown and brown suede. The leather on these boots is as soft as butter and the come just at knee level and I'm 6 foot tall. I can wear them for 14 hours aday they are so comfortable and I feel great in them.
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i love,your boots. my next pair will be my first pair of over the knee boots.

I am an adult heterosexual man over 50 and I just LOVE to wear women's boots. Fortunately, my shoe size is a man's 9, which is a woman's 11. That is what I shop for. I have 26 pairs of boots. Most of them are low heel or platform. They range from knee high, over the knee, and I have 4 pairs of thigh highs. I love to wear my thigh highs with skinny jeans and a leather vest. I ALWAYS wear them over my jeans and I NEVER wear them under my jeans. Their colors are red, brown, tan, black, and I have a pair over white over the knee style with buckles. I love to go out in public and show off my boots in a crowded area where I can prance around in them. I especially like to wear my Pink Floyd tee shirt, studded belt, and studded wrist bands with my lace up over the knee boots over my shinny black leggings with a pair of shorts in the summer. I am never ashamed of them, and I get complemented on them very often. Young people always come up to me to ask questions when I were my thigh high sneaker boots. Most women tell me that they wish that their husbands had the balls to pull that off. I wear my black knee high boots with shorts in the summer. Usually when I do that, I will use a spray on tan before, or wear leggings. I work in a corporate research center where we have to were business casual during the week, but on Fridays we get to were jeans. That is when I sport my black button up shirt, skinny jeans, and of course my knee high boots over my jeans. As a matter of a fact, if I am ever caught out in a pair of tennis shoes, someone will eventually come up and ask me "where are your boots?" After all, my nickname is "Boots". Wear your boots over your jeans, and do not let anyone intimidate you. Be bold. Make a statement. Some people tell me 'Guys don't wear boots like that". I always rely 'This one does". I wear a pair of boots some time of every day. Love them. General Rio.

I wish i had the nerve to wear my women's knee-high boots outside my pants or jeans out in public. My family would kill me though. they do know i wear women's boots.

Hello I am so enveous of your courage to wear your high boots over your jeans. I only wish I had your courage

Dude, first and foremost, I have to tell you that it can be a little intimidating at first. But there is no feeling any better than the feeling that you experience when you overcome your fears and go out with the throttle fire walled. Once you get to that point your natural endorphin's kick in and there is no greater a high than this. I wear my boots all day long, and I make sure that I go where lots of people can see me. A lot of guys come up and tell me "Man, they are some wild boots! Where did you get them"? It is funny how some guys can drive race cars, hunt, sports shoot, and even go to war, but are too scared to wear their boots over their jeans. Just do it one time and say to heck with what might negatively happen. Once you come home and realize that you have conquered your greatest fears, you will not want to take them off. I guarantee it! WEAR YOUR BOOTS MAN!

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I will definitely give it a try. I've spent 15 years wearing safe low heeled over the knee Frye ladies boots under my jeans and have been dying to try them over the jeans. I've even bought s few pairs of women's demon and black denim leggings to try them with.

UPDATE: We went to a dinner show last Friday night and I wore my black leather thigh-high boots with the 1 inch heels-over my Levis 510 skinny jeans mind you. Out of all of the hundreds of people there, I was the ONLY person man or woman wearing thigh-high boots. I felt like a million dollars!

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as I was saying now I had a legitimate reason for wearing women's knee high boots something I had wanted to do since my teen's i. . I have been wearing women's knee high boots ever since. they are low heeled or flat heeled. I live in pa so I always look forward to fall and winter. I wear my boots every day from early September until mid to late april. when I am o.o home I like to tuck my pants or jeans inside the boots. I am single. I do this in late evening around nine o'clock when I know no visitors will be stopping by. I wear them to bed as well when the mood strikes me which is quite often. I have eight pairs of women's boots all knee high in black brown and tan. all are side zipper closure except a pair of black riding boots which have the zipper up the back of the boots. I am planning on buying my first pair of over the knee boots tomorrow in grey. I wear size 11 boots. all my boots are so comfortable I do not even realize I am wearing them. it is nice to know there are others out there who enjoy wearing women's knee high or higher boots as much I do or even more than I do.

I have had an obsession with women's boots since the age of ten. I would wish I could wear them since my early teens. I always wanted to wear knee high women's boots nothing shorter. I want to buy my first pair of mens boots In my early twenties. was I surprised when the woman sales clerk told me I should buy a pair of women's boots instead because my feet were extremely narrow I bought my first pair of knee high black leather women's boots that day. I was in ecstasy because I now had a legitimate reason for wearing women's knee high booi hav

ts something I had wanted to do since my teens.

I do the same......I have 3 pair of over the knee boots (2 pairs flat & 1 pair wedge) and 2 pairs of thigh high stiletto boots. I wear them all the time, it start when I was 7. When i go take the trash out, doing sex with my girlfriend and just for fun, but i want to go further but afraid to, but from reading your story gives me alot of courage and I wore them today with my girlfriend on a trial in a park. Thank you

Perfectly the same.....tomorrow I am going to get my first pair of over the knee leather boots. I am looking forward. Leather boots are extremely comfortable and I feel so excited when I couple them with other leather clothes (gloves and pants are my favourite ones)

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I also wear boots I have 4 pair . My GF bought me one pair ,they are a half a size too small . I wear those under jeans . GF gave me a challenge to wear my other boots over my jeans while gloved (another fetish) to adult store . I took her up on challenge. We also wear our boots to bed . Its hard to find good black boots size 11

I also wear an 11. I think I now have over 26 pairs and I wear them all the time. Most of mine are under 1 1/2 " heel but all are knee high or above. My wife always wears hers to bed and recently I was brave enough to start wearing mine. Feels great!

check ebay, some decent boots there

I too, have a secret fetish to wearing women's boots... since the movies "Scooby-Doo" and
"All About Steve", I actually have a pair of Those Beautiful Red Boots(featured throughout)starring
in that movie(another male character was wearing them, too...). It automatically made me WANT
to buy and wear a pair then, and years later, I have another pair replacing the ones I had long
before(occasionally I would wear when I view DVD on the movie "All About Steve"). I wonder if
there were other guys that did a "Vasquez" when they also seen this movie... I hope to log on
next time to hear/read about these "Boot Fetish" stories...

I bought myself two pairs of the Frye Campus Over-the-Knee boots (Saddle and Banana) and wear them under my jeans (cuffs UP). I am a 57 year old male. I actually get compliments from both sexes! I can wear them all day. Great boots, but I think they are discontinuing them because I don't see them anymore. It's a shame. I enjoyed your story!

Hello mojo. Nice to hear your story. Since my last post I have added further pairs of boots to my collection. The most recent was a beautiful over the knee pair of Steve Madden hazele black boots in size 11. This is the first time I've had a pair of stretch material boots but I must admit they feel fantastic to wear. I featured the picture on my profile. I wore them the other evening when I went out with my wife. I wore them under a pair of jeans and they felt great. No one noticed at all. I love all the pairs that I have and I am able to wear them out all the time as the highest heel I will wear is a 1 1/2" heel. I recently purchased a beautiful pair of over the knee boots tan in color from Duo. What a great company you can order them in your exact calf size. These are stunning as they are tan and made of nuebuck and are 22 inches high with a fur lining at the top and a low heel. They work also do well under my jeans. No one can tell. I had a great conversation with my female neighbor the other day. She noticed that I always wear boots and commented on how nice the pair I was wearing the other day looked. We get on very well and I felt comfortable enough to tell her that they were actually made by frye and were 21 inches high with a zip and were called a Shirley boot. She looked a little puzzled and said aren't they womens boots? I replied yes and then told her that all the boots I wore we're womens. She thought about for a minute asked me to pull up my pants leg so she could see how long they were. So I did then she felt our soft the leather was and said they were realy cool and sexy. I asked here what she thought about me wearing only womens boots as I have a narrow foot and I told her I feel so relaxed and comfortable wearing them. She said she thought I looked great in them and kinda hot. She said she wished she could get her husband to wear some as she would like him to wear them to bed... I said to tell him. I haven't got up the courage to tell my wife that I would like to wear mine when we have sex. She has several pairs and often before we have sex ill pick out a pair for her to wear to bed. She has one particular pair of thigh high 3" heel white stretch boots that she wears for sex which feel great to feel when we are in the peak of passion. Only once when we got really drunk and were getting ready for sex she put one of her pairs on and do did I. She didn't say anything and it was one of the hottest sex nights we ever had. I guess at the end of the day I love boots that are not to femininethey make me feel good. I have no desire to wear any other female close and I done give a damn what anyone thinks

You are so lucky to have a wife that supports your fetish JUst go with it tell her you want to wear them for sex. You are 3/4 of the way there now

Hello mojo. Glad to hear your story. The weather is Collins down and I have been wearing my boots every day even to work under my pair of pants. Today I wore my Ivanka Trump knee high pull on dark brown boots with a one inch heel. They are do comfortable and fit my legs so well and the best thing of all us nobody knows. I did go out with my wife the other evening wearing my new black Steve Madden hazele knee high pull on boots as shown in the picture. The feel so great to wear as they have an elastic back. They work do well under a pair of jeans. And the best news of all is my wife has a brown pair that she wore as well. It's so great that she is totally supportive of me wearing boots all the time and as she says. "They are only boots" all of mine apart from one pair are under 1 1/2" heels. I have one pair of thigh high black stretch vinyl boot with a 3" heel and side zipper that I wear sometimes when I'm at home on my own. They are such s personal turn on. I can't imagine not wearing boots everyday and would tell everyone out there to have the confidence to do so. And if like me you want to be discreet wear low heed under jeans. The feeling is fantastic

Hi Chaseo2, I also have a strong need to wear womens boots ! Have always been drawn towards them, without knowing why. The boots I like are mainly of the high heeled black leather sort, either knee high or thigh length. I have two pairs of black patent thighboots, and quite a few pairs of black leather knee length boots too. Wearing them is limited to around the house and garden for me, and sometimes taking a drive in them. Enjoyed your story, wishing you many more happy times in your boots ! Would enjoy a chat with you over the delights of boot wearing if your interested.

Hi I found a pair of david tate boots last year at dsw and the i found ros hommerson boots and a pair of fitzwell boots; I wear then under my jeans or out if i go somewhere i always go.