Low Profile Boots And Shoes

I don't know what clicks in my mind when seeing them and even better yet wearing them but they are just THE sexiest footwear anyone could have. I think 'nuff said by looking at my profile pic. Just wish I could find them easier, have been trying to locate them online but without a brand name, it's going to be tough.
holeyturnedon holeyturnedon
46-50, M
1 Response Jan 8, 2013

Finally found some similar to my profile pic. Delli Aldo are the ones I finally settled on and couldn't decide on color so bought 2 pair. There certainly are some uckin' fugly Delli's out there but these practically make me ********* just slipping them on. (I'm sexy and I know it!...CIMP) - PS: guess what my made up acronym is.