this is the first time i have used a a site like this as i am so desperate for my Border Collies health - she had a hip replacement 2 years ago and it was great - than about 3 months ago she started limping - i have taken her back to the vet on quite a few occations - he has xrayed her and the prostices (new hip) looks perfect - he put her on a course of antibiotics as he was worred their may be an infection - this didnt work - i took her back again this week - x-rayed again showed perfect hip - blood test told my vet nothing - he had spoken to the vet from Switzerland who assisted in Megans operation and was told maybe the ball in the hip has come away slightly but no -   again perfect . -  he has changed Megans antibiotic which she has to take for 2 weeks with pain killers - Megans personality has changed - she no longer wants to join in with my 4 other dogs - she is quiet and withdrawn - she just lays in her bed all day - she dosnt want to come for walks - she is in pain and i know this is the reason -

If after 3 weeks Megan has not improved the vet said he will open up her leg again - however he really dosnt want to - but megans pain is great - and if he feels their is a problem with the leg shaft where the pins are he has to take out the whole hip replacement - i just do not want this to happen BUT i also dont want her to be in pain - can any-body help me or have any idea what is happening to this hip replacement - I live i Benidorm spain and have Megans Vet is very experienced in this surgery

megans mum


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1 Response Jul 18, 2010

i'm sorry megan is having difficulty with her hip replacement. i'm not sure why it is going wrong but i just wanted to say that i sympathise with you. i know it is an unpleasant option to consider, but if there are too many complications with her hip and leg, maybe the leg should be removed? many dogs live happy lives with three legs and if it is causing her great distress and is refusing to heal, it might be for the best. is she a working dog or do you keep her as a companion? i really hope megan gets well soon.