Wearing Used Tights

i recently did a job for a customer who had a 17 year old daughter who wore tights quite alot. i got the oportunity to go into her bedroom and check out her trash can. To my joy i found that there was 3 pairs of tights that she had thrown away. I quickly put these in my pocket and left. when i got them home i instantly put them on and had a good ****, it didnt take long for me to ***. The next day i wore a pair to work under my work clothes, i had a hardon for most of the day.  :)
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2 Responses Jul 17, 2010

I would have done the same. Buying my own new tights is great but wearing secondhand tights is fabulous. Even better if you can get them just after they've been taken off. I buy used tights on eBay, lots of different types to choose from.

Done exactly the same! Great fun and what a rush of excitement