Neighbor's Hose

I remeber when I first started to house sit for a neighbor.  I knew she had a good collection of pantyhose.  So I was so excited to go over and check on her cats and water her plants she had over there.  As I got to her house I went in I was so excited as I was going to be going threw her hose drawer after I was done with the house sitting chores.  When I was done I went into her bedroom and after looking threw a few drawers I found her pantyhose drawer.  She had so many that I didn't know which ones to try on.  So I grabbed a pair of drk brown ones.  I took my clothes off and put them on.  I couldn't believe how good they felt going on my legs.  I went into her closet and put on her jean skirt that was above the knee and a white silky top.  Now for the heels she had so many so I tried on some black 3in high heels.  I took a look n the mirror.  I thought I looked sexy in her clothes.  I saw some 2 1/2 in high brwn clogs so I changed and put those on.   I went and took a stroll around her house.  Just loving the sound of my legs as they would rub together from the hose.  After a bit I went back into her bed room and took everything off and put on some black pantyhose.  White blouse and a maroon skirt with some black open toe 3 in high heels.  I loved the way I looked and felt in her outfit.  I went out and into the living room and was watching some tv.  Carressing and rubbing my nyloned covered legs as I would cross them and hear the sound of the nylon.  I was getting really hard by this point and before I knew it as I glided my fingers up and down on my hose **** I cam.  I couldn't believe how good it felt.  After which I took everything off and tried best to clean up my white mess.  I put everything back got dressed and went home.  Couldn't wait to come back the next day.  To try on some more new items.

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When I was young, our neighbor asked me to take care of her pet while they were on vacation. They gave me a key to their house so of course I snooped around until I found her nylons. At that time I only took a pair of tan colored hose home with me to "play with". Of course I pleasured myself with her remaining hosiery while I was there. She had the sexiest nylon covered feet I had ever seen.

Before they returned, I had a copy made of the key. She never said anything about the dried evidence I had left for her to discover.

About a month after she returned, the urge to visit her nylon drawer became overwhelming. I waited until I saw her leave for work before walking over to her house. I placed the key in the door and opened it. Needless to say I was pretty excited.

I entered her room and ******** off my clothes. I looked in her laundry basket and found the tan nylons she had wore the previous day. I could smell her scent in them and decided that pair which were reinforced heels and toes in them, we're coming home with me.

I opened her dresser drawer that contained the rest of her nylons. I was so completely aroused with seeing the nylons that I knew she had worn. I inserted my stiff organ into the leg of her nylon until the reinforced toes covered the purple head of my bone. I laid on her bed and covered my chest with several pairs. I closed my eyes and pictured her in front of me in those beautiful nylons. I slid her nylon up and down my erection for less than a minute before I felt my climax beginning. I held my breath as the first spurt shot through the toe of her nylon and landed on my cheek. Spurt after spurt filled the foot of the nylon surrounding my erection. When I couldn't come anymore, I slid the ***** filled nylon off of my erection. I placed it in her laundry basket. I put away the other nylons I had used and left with my new prize.

That is so right n hon. I luv to hear stories like that.

Oh yes I am. It was such a fun time. Time a do miss as they were a little less as I got older. But I still love to borrow pantyhose.

Dirty *****!