Neighbor's Hose

I remeber when I first started to house sit for a neighbor.  I knew she had a good collection of pantyhose.  So I was so excited to go over and check on her cats and water her plants she had over there.  As I got to her house I went in I was so excited as I was going to be going threw her hose drawer after I was done with the house sitting chores.  When I was done I went into her bedroom and after looking threw a few drawers I found her pantyhose drawer.  She had so many that I didn't know which ones to try on.  So I grabbed a pair of drk brown ones.  I took my clothes off and put them on.  I couldn't believe how good they felt going on my legs.  I went into her closet and put on her jean skirt that was above the knee and a white silky top.  Now for the heels she had so many so I tried on some black 3in high heels.  I took a look n the mirror.  I thought I looked sexy in her clothes.  I saw some 2 1/2 in high brwn clogs so I changed and put those on.   I went and took a stroll around her house.  Just loving the sound of my legs as they would rub together from the hose.  After a bit I went back into her bed room and took everything off and put on some black pantyhose.  White blouse and a maroon skirt with some black open toe 3 in high heels.  I loved the way I looked and felt in her outfit.  I went out and into the living room and was watching some tv.  Carressing and rubbing my nyloned covered legs as I would cross them and hear the sound of the nylon.  I was getting really hard by this point and before I knew it as I glided my fingers up and down on my hose **** I cam.  I couldn't believe how good it felt.  After which I took everything off and tried best to clean up my white mess.  I put everything back got dressed and went home.  Couldn't wait to come back the next day.  To try on some more new items.

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That is so right n hon. I luv to hear stories like that.

I watched my neighbors house for aweek when iwas 17. She had 2 girls about my age and size. I spent every second i could in their clothes. One girls shoes fit me perfit. I was in heaven. When the last day came i decided to wear as many pairs of pantyhose,panties, bras, under my clothes so i could get back into my house. I did not want to be seen carrying a bag from the house. I was dressed and at the door walking out when i chickened out . I sadly put everything back. I smiled everytime i saw them wearing the clothes i had been wearing . What aweek i had and no one to tell at the time. I still dress ,with my own girls clothes now. My wife of 38yrs has always known..

hi! that sounds like fun! ive raided womens lingerie drawers, put on a bra, girdle and slip on then re dressed in my ow clothe s you should follow thru, its fun!

Oh yes I am. It was such a fun time. Time a do miss as they were a little less as I got older. But I still love to borrow pantyhose.

Dirty *****!

oh sweety email me at luvclogs at yahoo daht com and lets trade stories!