My Deaf Boston

I have had my boston terrier for nearly 2 years now and have had a great time. i have taught him to sit and stay but it wasnt very easy. there is only one problem with training him, he is deaf. i chose to get him any way because he had been through so many foster homes. i dont really know the best way to train him or let him get good excercise, because he would just sit around and not run when i started running. i love him dearly and know that the best thing for him would be running around and being outside. he is quite skinny despite his lazyness and has a great time snuggling under the covers. at first i was afraid that he would suffocate under the covers, but then got more comfortable with it as he would keep me warm during the winter. if you have any suggestions about training him, feel free to leave a comment. thanks!!!
uck41 uck41
Jul 12, 2010