Bowling Fungirl's Way

 I love bowling and have had many great dates that involved bowling. I do not claim to be great at it and that is one of the things that make it so  much fun for me.  When I play softball, volleyball, or even Trivial Pursuit my friends expect me to compete hard and try to win.  When I am bowling however it is totally different. I don’t even mind the stinky bowling shoes although I do bring my Lysol to spray them down. I like to clown around and try different ways to deliver that ball down my alley to those pins on the other end.  Unfortunately many times my ball is going to end up in someone else’s lane.  I have known certain caring workers to even put the bumpers up for fungirl because I am just that bad.  I have never tried to master the skill and instead just enjoy laughing at myself and have a great time.

 There is one young man that will most likely never take another woman bowling on a date again as well.  I had been dating “Chase” for several months and we were supposed to be in the same town for two weeks.  We would spend every free moment together when this would happen.  On the last night of my stay he suggested we go to the local game room.  I was all for this because I knew they had bowling there.  The night started out great; we had hamburgers (mine was Boca by the way) in the snack bar and then we went to bowl a few games.  The first game went well and I behaved myself and put up a decent score.  However as it always happens the clown decided to come out and soon I began bowling backwards, releasing the ball between my legs, and other silly things.  All was okay until I decided I would bowl with my non-dominant hand.  That was a HUGE mistake.  I went to pull the ball back behind me to send it down the alley and when I did I lost grip of the ball and it went flying behind me and hit my date right in his “family jewels” and then went bouncing across the floor drawing attention to us.  He lived and we are still friends but that was one of the last dates I shared with this man. Being the evil person I bought him “Brunswick Pro Bowling” for his most recent birthday.  He called me laughing about it but he said that would be the only kind of bowling he would be doing since it became a contact sport!  Yes, I love bowling when it is played the fungirl way.

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