Boxer Briefs......ummmmm Hot

If the guy is leaner or a bit more buff, then boxer briefs are soooooooo HOT.  They have that air of mystery to them. You can see things, yet, it still leaves a little imagination. By the way did anybody see the pick on AOL this morning of the Swedish golfer who took of all his clothes but his boxer briefs to retrieve his golf ball? That was hot. But for those guys who have a little more husky to them, then good ole boxers are the thing for me, especially if they are funny ones. Either or works for me, but no regular briefs and definately no thongs. Those are scary on men.

jrabbit1321 jrabbit1321
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6 Responses Mar 15, 2009


boxer briefs are perfect... regular briefs cut everything off and make it feel like its i a wad, boxers are too loose and lets my stuff flop around, and commando.. well, again, the flopping around thing<br />
<br />
love em and will forever wear them

commando is always good too :)


briefs all the way

HELL YA SISTA! Boxer briefs are the sexiest. YUMMY. Thats the only underwear I let my husband wear :)