Shame Boy

I am a first-time Boxer mom. I've always been drawn to the breed, but decided to take a couple years to recover after losing my Golden Retriever, Gabe, who we'd had for 14 years. Something started prompting me to watch for a Boxer and I checked craigslist frequently along with several other sites. One day, the first listing was for a Boxer, so I made contact and went to meet him. It was love at first wiggly kiss. He jumped into my car like he'd been waiting for me forever. He stole my heart and claimed us for his own family. My daughter talked me into naming him Shaemus. He is just over 6 months old and we are enjoying every day with this chocolate-drop-eyed bundle of energy. I love Boxers!!
kaitilynn kaitilynn
46-50, F
Dec 9, 2012