I have had a boxing fetish for as long as I can remember. I found a Fetish Fight Club in the San Fernando Valley, but it was mostly about wrestling which did nothing for me. I stuck with it for years, met some fun people, and finally we started doing some boxing. It was amazing. There were women boxing each other almost naked (though not all were really hot to be honest, but it didnt' matter!), and gay men boxing each other with the loser blowing the winner. Not something I was into but it was fun to be around people in the fetish. I even got a fight where a woman was willing to have sex with the winner, but unfortunately I was knocked out by an Irish guy.

The group has sort of fizzled but I still get a lot of messages from them, and some fights happen but it seems a lot of them are private which sucks.
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Thanks for sharing your story. How was the knockout fight with the Irish guy? I've never been KO'd so I'm kind of curious. But did you actually enjoy the fight?