Orthodontic Brace Fetish

I had to wear an Orthodontic Brace in my late teens. This may sound insignificant but when you are into guys and exploring relationships how you look is really important. I used to worry about my bust, legs and arse but now i had an additional worry. And having to kiss with a mouthful of wire and plastic was far from appealing.

I feared no lad would be interested in my charms when wearing my Orthodontic Brace. But my friends were very supportive and coaxed me out and after a few weeks I got used to wearing my face furniture and even found they attracted some surprising results.

I was at college and to make ends meet I worked in a local bar. I always did get chatted up but with my new brace in place guys seemed attracted to me like iron filings to a magnet.

When pulling pints or serving at table I was always asked to flash one of my brace smiles and conversation soon flowed like water. Pretty soon my confidence was up to speed and my date diary began to fill. I even became such hot property that my girl friends began to feel jealous with all the attention I received. Even kissing was fun and many a guy used to like exploring my mouth with their tongue.

Now working with hypnosis and all things kinky I understand the power of the Orthodontic Brace fetish and why I was suddenly so popular.

I'm not sure if i knew then what i know now would have helped me get over my initial anxieties but it would have explained a lot. :O)
Stick2me Stick2me
41-45, F
Oct 6, 2012