About 14 years ago I met this coworker of mine at a happy hour and he attracted me physically at first and as soon as we met we had instant chemistry. We could easily talk for hours and we talked about many different interesting subjectmatter.I felt strangely at ease around him and he influenced my inner growth. He was a very articulate and brilliant Scientist and Mathmatician and although I couldn't hold a candle to his brilliance I hoped it would somehow rub off on me as I spent time with him. We discovered fractals and talked about chaos theory and many other interesting things that kept my mind always busy learning new things that he was aware of in the world of new discovery for me. I was still a young adult and he was older and also hypnotized by something within me. Through the years we became close friends and then about 6 years ago we lost touch with one another and I ended up in a bad relationship that ended up testing my inner strength. Later I found out he went through a challenging one also and when I moved back closer to where he was we found one another through facebook and rekindled our old reliable friendship. He's quite smart and I knew I couldn't quite hold a candle to his brilliance I found it good to be around him. Now we're back to being good friends, and all is right in my world again.
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Have a female friend that is working on her doctorate; and we have that type of relationship going for over 30 years. Nothing sexual just very good friends. Glad yours is working out.

nice....it's such a unique relationship and one we both enjoy immensely!
Glad you have this kind of amazing friendship too!