Puffy Nipples In A Sheer Blouse With No Bra Are The Best!

In the 70s I managed a drug store, part of a national chain. I believed in giving pay raises on work effort only, as well as promotions. It worked well for the company and worked well for me. That is until I hired Cindi.

Cindi was cute. Not what I'd call sexy and really not very pretty...Just cute. And a hard worker always on time. Worked over when needed. But she never stood out as an employee...Kinda semi-invisible!

Then comes the holiday season. Cindi comes in off duty. Jeans. Boots. 4H jacket. Pony tail. And tells me that we need to talk a minute and at first I thought she was quitting so we go to the office. I take a seat and as Cindi sits down she takes off her 4H jacket and before me sat one very sexy 18 year old wearing a sheer blouse and on display are two of the sexiest set of puffy nipples I've ever seen.

Cindi says, "I want a raise. I deserve a raise." and never bats an eye. My mind says, "You got one!" but my mouth says, "Let's talk about it." and talk about it we did....at length! And Cindi 'convinced'me to raise her pay. And I told her I needed photos in her file. Out came the SX70 and I soon had 8 photos.......Plain Cindi quickly became Sexy Cindi.......
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I remember the 70s i got married and my wife had small ******* with very puffy nipples i managed to get het to go braless whenever we went out her nipples always looked hot. One night we were driving home and passed and adult book store. I asked her if she would consider going in with me to my surprise she said yes. They're had peep shows also. Once in side while walking around I asked her to unbutton her shirt she looked at me and I said please and anyone could see her nipples anyway so she did. After walking around she took her shirt off and gave it tome saying that the is what i truly wanted anyway. He puffy nipples looked like they were hard so I felt one as a olderman wwatched. He came over and offered my wife 30.00 if she would let him jack off and c um on her nipples. I told him that it was her decision. My wife knew that I have always wanted to see someone c um on them so she said sure. That was the thrill of my life seeing someone ******* on her puffy nipples. At the end of the night six other men had also shot it on her and when we left she remained topless for the drive home. One the way home she kept asking me if I wanted to see her taste any of their ***** i told her she would never do it. So since she could not lick it off her ******* she put some on her fingers and put it into her mouth. By the time we got home most of the ***** was got. She's walked into the house topless and i made love to her with ***** still on her *******.

when i was that age i always went without a bra. i had rather small brest (still do)but my nips are almost the size of thimbels with puffy areolas. i always wore thin half shirts or low cut tops that gave a easy vew. my nipels literaly held the half shirts out away from the rest of my body. so if i bent over or just about any mov thay could be sean underneth. when my mom was home she insisted that i wear a bra. to scool or elswher so i wold just take it off after i left. dad didnt seam to miend though. i liked it when he was the only one at home i and if i had my best frind over .wold walk around the house in just our half shirt and small pantys. it was obveus wat it did to him(if u know what i mean) he wold let us get away with anything. after he cought us in a 69 one night we didnt even bother wearing anything. now that im mared my husbed luvs me to show off my ****. read my post(i wear *** in public) you might like it! yes i found out at an erly age wat a girl can get with her charms.for instence my spelling is horibel but i maed As in spelling ;-)

You DOG! And underage, too!! I love it when I hear about a woman so young who already understands the power she wields over men.<br />
If you still have that photograph she sent you, I would LOVE to see it!

I like her style too. very HOT story, I got a raise too.

I like Cindi's style!

I would have given her a raise too, what a HOT story.