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See Through Dinner Parties

We live in a quiet house, in a quiet village, in middle england. My wife Angie, senior yet beautiful and slim, thoroughly enjoys going without a bra, and on those special occasions to wear a totally transparent blouse - and that pleases and excites me.

Our little village does not offer many places where she can do this in public but we have gathered a few like minded friends with whom we hold dinner parties at which the girls vie as to who can wear the most see through top and exhibit their breasts. After free flowing wine it is surprising how liberated we all become, and there are so many places from where we can lick cream. Come and join us.

One event we both look forward to is the Erotic Show held in London each november. Angie can walk around in her totally see through blouse and comments on how many men's eyes follow her as she walks past. Did you see her there yesterday. Alas that means that now we have to wait a whole year for it to happen again
isambard isambard 61-65, M 5 Responses Nov 20, 2011

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What a great idea! I love sheer blouses with no bra. I love how it looks and love how people, men and women alike, seem to enjoy looking. It also photographs well. Do you take photos very often at these events? I am sure it would be a great reminder of the evening and you could pose with one another and share the photos.

Love the idea. We will even bring our own wine! We live in the Midlands and enjoy "see through" at parties. Most of he time it happens is when we are on holidays in the Med. We have made quite a few British friends that way.<br />
Usually at dinner, followed by a day on the beach, where topless is the norm, rather than the exception!<br />
But the best is when we meet up again for an evening drink or meal<br />
Having seen each other's wives naked or topless, it shouldn't really make a difference. But it does! Don't ask why? (lol).<br />
Get in toucch please.<br />
Kev& Chris<br />

may i join you i am in london

Those dinner partys sound like great fun.

when will you share pics of Angie?